Frequertly Asked Questions

What is the main purpose of Project Psalms?

The main purpose of Project Psalms is to provide the simplest and most effective tool for learning to sing and memorize the Psalms, initially in English; as a result of learning and singing the Psalms with understanding and zeal, we believe it will strengthen the English-speaking Church unto victory. It is also our desire, God-willing, that at a later stage we will be able to provide a similar tool in other major languages across the world.

How was Project Psalms conceived?

Project Psalms was conceived simply by observing that there was a lack of an effective tool for learning the Psalms, meanwhile realizing that God has blessed us with technology and means of communication in this age which could spread an effective tool such as this to His glory. As a result, Project Psalms was underway with the help of only a handful of people around the globe who had the same goal in mind, and each using their gifts, contributed their time and wisdom towards this end. Then, through God’s providence Project Psalms has now finally been completed.

Is Project Psalms linked to any particular denomination or congregation?

Project Psalms is not linked to any particular denomination or congregation. We believe all believers in the Universal Church are called to sing Psalms, therefore it is our desire that all denominations and congregations benefit from Project Psalms.

Where may I learn more about the Scottish Psalter of 1650, Psalmody, and unaccompanied worship?

You may learn more about the Scottish Psalter of 1650 by reading "The Development of the Scottish Psalter" by David Silversides. Psalmody by reading "Exclusive Psalmody - A Biblical Defense" by Brian Schwertley, and unaccompanied worship by reading "Instrumental Music in the Worship of the Church" by John L. Girardeau.